Die besten Alben 2001
Die 100 besten Alben 2000
Die besten 10 Filme 2001
Die 10 besten Filme 2000

Top Soul Dancers

01. Frank Wilson: Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)
02. Beverly: Where the Good Times Are
03. Cissy Houston: I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself
04. Candi Staton: I'd Rather Be An Old Man's Sweetheart
05. Tony Gala: In Love
06. Al Green: I Tried To Tell Myself
07. The Contours: Baby Hit and Run
08. Eloise Laws: Love Factory
09. Ruby Andrews: Just Loving You
10. The Sweet: Broken Heart Attack

gefunden auf http://www.myspace.co.uk/belleandsebastian/
(aufgestellt vom Belle & Sebastian-Keyborder Chris Geddes)

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Die fünf populärsten Alternative-Songs

01. Nirvana: Smells Like Teen Spirit
02. Radiohead: Creep
03. Stone Roses: I Am The Resurrection
04. The Clash: London Calling
05. The Smiths: How Soon Is Now

Quelle: XFM (Londoner Radiosenders)

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Die 25 besten Cover-Versionen

01. Erma Franklin: Light My Fire (Doors)
02. Georgie Fame: Sunny (Bobby Hebb)
03. Marie Queenie Lyons: Fever (Caiola/Cooley/Davenport)
04. Charlotte Leslie: Les Filles C'est Fait.../'We Got A Thing That's In The Groove (Capitols)
05. Bobby Valentin - Batmans Bugaloo (Neal Hefti)
06. Pleasure Beach - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana)
07. The Harvey Averne Dozen - The Word (Lennon/McCartney)
08. Lord Sitar: I Can See For Miles (Pete Townshend)
09. Som Psicodelico: Watermelon Man (Herbie Hancock)
10. Les 1-2-3-4: Bond Street (Burt Bacharach/Hal David)
11. Sylvie Anne: Un Tours Dehors/Day Tripper (Lennon/McCartney)
12. Los Johnny Jets: Fiebre/Fever (Caiola/Cooley/Davenport)
13. Elza Soarez: Mas que nada (Jorge Ben)
14. Paul Mauriat: You Keep Me Hangin' On (B. & E. Holland/L. Dozier)
15. Byrds: Wasn`t born to follow (King/Goffin)
16. Brigitte Bardot: Tu Veux Ou Tu Veux Pas - Nem Vem Que Nao Tem (Wilson Simonal)
17. Paul Nero: Comin' Home Baby (Tucker/Dorough)
18. Mike Sammes Singers: Summertime (Gershwin/Heyward)
19. Ananda Shankar: Jumpin`Jack Flash (Jagger/Richard)
20. Ella Fitzgerald : Sunshine Of Your Love (Bruce/Brown/Clapton)
21. Danielle Denin: Je Lis Dans Tes Yeux - I'm Looking Through You (Lennon/McCartney)
22. Petula Clark : Rain (Lennon/McCartney)
23. Specials: A message to you Rudy (Dandy Livingstone)
24. Helmut Zacharias: Respect (Otis Redding)
25. Mo' Horizons - Pe Na Estrada/Hit The Road Jack (Percy Mayfield)

Bestes Cover Album: Isley Brothers - Givinīit back (T Neck 1971)

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Favorite 15 UK-Psychedelia

01. Tintern Abbey - Vacuum Cleaner
02. Pink Floyd - See Emily play
03. Ruperts People - Dream on my Mind
04. Secrets - She`s dangerous
05. Murray Head - She was Perfection
06. Attack - Neville Thumbcatch
07. Nirvana - Rainbow Chaser
08. Hollies - King Midas in Reverse
09. Status Quo - Pictures of Matchstickmen
10. Beatles - I' am the Walrus
11. Soft Machine - Why are we sleeping
12. Tomorow - Revolution
13. Blonde on Blonde - Castles in the Sky
14. Calium Bryce - Love-Maker
15. Kaleidoscope - Faintly blowing

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Favorite 15 US-Psychedelia

01. Morgan - Of Dreams
02. Mijal & White - I`m in you
03. Stereo Shoestrings - On the Road to South
04. Callico Wall - Flight Reaction
05. JK & Co - Fly
06. The Deep - Trip
07. Duffy - Come back, Come back
08. Ron Wray Light Show - Speed
09. The Sound Sandwich - Apothecary Dream
10. Graf Zeppelin - You're in my Mind
11. Wellington Arrangement - Love
12. The Ceyleib People - Changes
13. Painted Faces - Anxious Color
14. Jefferson Lee - Sorcerella
15. The 13th Floor Elevators - May The Circle Remain Unbroken

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10 top US Garage Beat Songs

01. Larry and the Blues Notes - Night of the Sadist
02. Swamp Rats - Loui Loui
03. The Chob - We're pretty quick
04. Lemon Fog - Summer
05. Spontaneous Generation - Up in my mind
06. Hallmarks - I know why
07. The Gonn - The Blackout of Gretely
08. Mouse and the Traps - Maid of Sugar
09. The Huns - Winning Ticket
10. Kempy & the Guardians - Love for a Price

selection by grooventist

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Die besten 10 Freakbeat Songs

01. Wimple Winch - Save my Soul
02. Creation - Making Time
03. Pretty Things - Midnight to Six
04. David Bowie & The Lower Third - Can't help thinking about me
05. Smoke - My Friend Jack
06. Fleur de Lys - Mud in your eye
07. The Chasers - Inspiration
08. Sorrows - Take a Heart
09. Fire - Father`s Name is Dad
10. The Montanas - That`s when Happiness began

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Pooters Psych Classics

01. Isn't It Strange - Sparrow (Columbia)
02. Pink Stainless Tail - Red Crayola (International Artists)
03. Golden Glass - The Misunderstood (Fontana)
04. No Home Today - The Kult (Psycho)
05. Codeine - Matthew Moore Plus Four (White Whale)
06. Night Of Living Colour (Opium Night) - Plan 9 (Midnight)
07. Trieulogy - Kak (Epic)
08. Ghost Ships - Paul Roland (Aftermath)
09. Julia Dream - Pink Floyd (Columbia)
10. Path Through The Forest - The Factory (MGM)
11. Magic Potion - The Open Mind (Philips)
12. Slip Inside This House - 13th Floor Elevators (International Artists)
13. Picture Gallery - The Times (Artpop)
14. Son Of Man - Webcore (Flicknife)
15. A Day In Heaven - T.V Personalities (Whaam!)
16. Gingerbread House - Plasticland (Pink Dust)
17. Strange Walking Man - Mandrake Paddle Steamer (Psycho)
18. Electric Blue - Miles Over Matter
19. Fashion Conscious - The Fresh Windows (Fontana)
20. Butterfly - Fox (Fontana)

von http://www.pooterland.com

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Pooters Killer Garage/Punk List

01. No Friend Of Mine - The Fuzztones (Live - Leave Your Mind At Home, Midnight)
02. No Friend Of Mine - The Cynics (Get Hip)
03. Enough Of What I Need - The Stoics (Brams Records)
04. Let It Be - Lindy Blaskey & The Lavelles (Challenge)
05. 99th Floor - The Moving Sidewalks (Tantara)
06. Where The Wolfs Bane Blooms - The Nomads (What's Going On)
07. 1-2-5 - The Haunted (BFD)
08. I'm A Living Sickness - The Calico Wall
09. Strychnine - The Fuzztones (ABC)
10. Coming Up Fast - The Great Believers (Cascade)

von http://www.pooterland.com

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Tales From The Riverbank
10 Pink Floyd Classics

01. Julia Dream - Relics
02. Careful With That Axe Eugene - Relics
03. Chapter 24 - Piper At The Gates Of Dawn
04. POW R. Toc H - Piper At The Gates Of Dawn
05. A Saucerful Of Secrets - A Saucerful Of Secrets
06. Interstellar Overdrive - Piper At The Gates Of Dawn
07. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun - Saucerful Of Secrets
08. Astronomy Domine - Piper At The Gates Of Dawn
09. See Emily Play - Single Release
10. The Scarecrow - Piper At The Gates Of Dawn

von http://www.pooterland.com

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Favorite 10 Heavy Weights

01. Amon Düül II - Archangels Thunderbird
02. Stooges - Search And Destroy
03. MC5 - Kick out the Jams
04. John Bassman Group - His Name was Tom
05. Led Zeppelin - Good Times Bad Times
06. SRC - Badazz Shuffle
07. Black Sabbath - Paranoid
08. Glass Sun - Silence of the Morning
09. Led Zeppelin - Whole Lotta Love
10. Cream - White Room

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10 Summer Tunes

01. The Lemon Fog - The Summer
02. Hildegard Knef - Ferienzeit
03. Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood - Summerwine
04. Jackie Mitoo - Summer Breeze
05. Serge Gainsbourg - Sous le soleil exactement
06. The Kinks - Sunny Afternoon
07. The Undertones - Here comes the Summer
08. Isar 12 - Am Strand von Brighton
09. Belle And Sebastian - A Summer Wasting
10. Evgeni Kantschev Quintett - Sonnenbrand

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10 Punk-Klassiker

01. The Clash: White Riot
02. The Sex Pistols: God Save The Queen
03.The Undertones: Teenage Kicks
04. Stiff Little Fingers: Suspect Device
05. The Members: Sound of the Suburbs
06. Richard Hell and The Voidoids: Blank Generation
07. Patti Smith: RockīnīRoll Nigger
08. The Buzzcocks: Orgasm Addict
09. Dead Kennedys: California Über Alles
10. The Ramones: Sheena Is A Punk Rocker

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Die besten 20 Blue Note Singles

01. Art Blakey and Sabu: Message From Kenya
02. Don Wilkerson: Camp Meetin
03. Jimmy Smith: Back at the Chicken Shack
04. Kenny Burrell: Wavy Gravy Part 1
05. Herbie Hancock: Blind Man, Blind Man Part 1
06. Donald Byrd: A New Perspective
07. Freddie Roach: I Know
08. Joe Henderson: Blue Bossa
09. Big John Patton: Fat Judy Part 1
10. Lou Donaldson: Alligator Boogaloo
11. The Three Sounds: MakinīBread Again/Still Iīm sad
12. Horace Silver: You Gotta Take A Little Love
13. Lee Morgan: Midnight Cowboy
14. Lou Donaldson: Everything I Do Gonh Be Funky
15. Grant Green: Ainīt It Funky Now
16. Donald Byrd: Black Byrd
17. Ronnie Laws and Pressure: Always There
18. Marlena Shaw: Itīs Better Than Walking Out
19. Sidney Bechet: Summertime
20: Bob Dorough: 3 Is The Magic Number

Quelle: Mojo-Collections

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Paul Wellers Top Ten Singles

01. The Staple Singers: When Will We Be Paid (For The Work We Did)
02. Hail Pint: Mr Landlord
03. Rosco Robinson: Thatīs Enough
04. The Abyssinians: Satta Massagana
05. Aretha Franklin: Donīt Play That Song
06. Johnny Williams: Maggie
07. Willie Tee: Funky Funky Twist
08. Pink Floyd: See Emily Play
09. The Skatalites: Beardman Ska
10. Soul Brothers Six: Thank You For Loving Me

Quelle: Mojo

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Sean Rowley: The Nearest Faraway Place

01. The Avalanches: Slow Walking
02. Ed Harcourt: Hanginīwith the wrong crowd
03. The White Stripes: Iīm finding it harder to be a gentleman
04. Dion: Born to be with you
05. The Bees: Sky holds the sun
06. Gene Page: Satin Soul
07. Polyester: Anytime
08. The Dirtbombs: Iīm through with white girls
09. Super Furry Animals: Rush!
10. The Supremes: Bad weather

(London, Radio 94.9 FM, August 2001 Setlist)
Quelle: XFM (Londoner Radiosender)

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Die zwölf besten Konzeptalben

01. Beatles: Sergant Pepper`s Lonely Heart Club Band
02. Serge Gainsbourg: Histoire de Melody Nelson
03. David Bowie: The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust
04. Thirteenth Floor Elevators: Bull Of The Woods
05. Small Faces: Ogden`s Nut Gone Flake
06. Blur: Park Life
07. David Holmes: Let`s Get Killed
08. Pretty Things: S.F. Sorrow
09. Who Sells Out
10. Jam: Setting Sons
11. Corduroy: High Havoc
12. Lee Hazelwood : Trouble Is A Lonesome Town

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Die klassischen zehn Soundtracks

01. Isaac Hayes: Shaft
02. Curtis Mayfield: Superfly
03. R.D. Burman: Shalimar
04. Vampires Sound Incorporation: Vampyros Lesbos
05. Ennio Moricone: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
06. Bob Crewe Generation Orchestra: Barbarella
07. Air: Virgin Suicides
08. Neil Young: Dead Man Walking
09. Roy Budd: Get Carter
10. Angelo Badalamenti:Twin Peaks

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Die zehn besten Debutalben

01. Sex Pistols: Never Mind The Bollocks
02. Jimi Hendrix: Are You Experienced
03. Pink Floyd: The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn
04. Wire: Pink Flag
05. The Doors: ditto
06. Madness: One Step Beyond
07. Stooges: ditto
08. Stranglers: Rattus Norvegicus
09. Clash
10. Dream Syndicate: The Days Of Wine And Roses

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Die besten deutschsprachigen HipHop-Alben

01. Torch: Blauer Samt
02. Freundeskreis: Quadratur des Kreises
03. Fettes Brot: Außen Tophits, innen Geschmack
04. Rödelheim Hartreim Projekt: Direkt aus Rödelheim
05. Schönheitsfehler: Sex, Drugs & Hip Hop
06. Absolute Beginner: Babmbule
07. Advanced Chemistry: Das Album
08. Die Fantastischen Vier: 4:99
09. Blumentopf: Kein Zufall
10. Fresh Familee: Alles frisch

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Die besten 10 Blue Note-Alben

01. Count Basie: Atomic Mr. Basie
02. Art Blakey: Moanin
03. John Coltrane: Blue Trane
04. Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool
05. Herbie Hancock: Maiden Voyage
06. Charly Parker: At Storyville
07. Sonny Rollins: Newkīs Time
08. Horace Silver: Song for my Father
09. Wayne Shorter: Speak No Evil
10. Mc Coy Tyner: The Real Mc Coy

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Die 10 US-Topseller

01. Eagles: Their Greatest Hits
02. Michael Jackson: Thriller
03. Pink Floyd: The Wall
04. Led Zeppelin: Untitled (IV)
05. Billy Joel: Greatest Hits
06. AC/DC: Back in Black
07. Beatles: White Album
08. Fleetwood Mac: Rumours
09. Shania Twain: Come On Over
10. Whitney Houston & VA: The Bodyguard

(Stand: 28. Mai 2001; Quelle: RIAA)

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10 ultimative Glam Rock-Alben

01. Lou Reed: Transformer
02. David Bowie: The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust
03. Roxy Music: For Your Pleasure
04. T-Rex: The Slider
05. Queen: A Night at the Opera
06. David Bowie: Aladdin Sane
07. T-Rex: Electric Warrior
08. Slade: Feel the Noize
09. Sweet: Best Of
10. Alice Cooper: Billion Dollar Babies

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Best of Krautrock

01. Kraftwerk: Autobahn
02. Can: Tago Mago
03. Neu!: 75
04. Cluster: Sowiesoso
05. Amon Düül II: Yeti
06. Eloy: Inside
07. Embryo: Opal
08. Birth Control: Operationv 09. Tangerine Dream: Zeit
10. Guru Guru: Dance of the Flames
11. Jane: Here We Are

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Die 20 besten deutschen Alben

01. Fehlfarben: Monarchie und Alltag
02. Ton, Steine, Scherben: Keine Macht für niemand
03. Nina Hagen Band
04. Kraftwerk: Autobahn
05. Neu!: 75
06. Foyer des Arts: Von Bullerbü nach Babylon
07. Spliff: 85555
08. Sterne: Von allen Gedanken...
09. Torch: Blauer Samt
10. DAF: Alles ist gut
11. Ideal: Ideal 12. Tocotronic: Digital ist besser
13. Element of Crime: Weisses Papier
14. Rio Reiser: Rio I
15. Philipp Boa & Voodoo Club: Hair
16. Broken Jug: William
17. Notwist: Shrink
18. Der Plan: Geri Reig
19. Einstürzende Neubauten: Haus der Lüge
20. Trio: Trio

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Becks All Time Favourite Alben

01. Woody Guthrie: Dust Bowl Ballads
02. Toby Rean & C. People: Outer Space
03. The Carter Family: Great Original Recordings
04. Leonard Cohen: Songs From A Room
05. Stan Getz & Joao Gilberto: Getz/Gilberto
06. Serge Gainsbourg: Comic Strip
07. Fred Mc Dowell: Long Way From Home
08. Dick Hyman: Moog: The Electric Electrics
09. Otis Redding: Otis Blue
10. Pussy Galore: Right Now!

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Robert Smiths Top Ten Alben

01. Nick Drake: Five Leaves Left
02. Jimi Hendrix Experience: Are You Experienced
03. Joy Division: Closer
04. Alex Harvey Band: Next
05. David Bowie: Ziggy Stardust
06. Van Morrison: Astral Weeks
07. My Bloody Valentine: Loveless
08. Nirvana: Nevermind
09. The Beatles: Magical Mystery Tour
10. Kate Bush: Hounds Of Love

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Andy Partridges (XTC) 10 Lieblingsalben

01. Captain Beefheart: Trout Mask Replica
02. Tony Williams Lifetime: Emergency
03. Burt Bacharach: Casino Royale
04. Judee Sill: Heart Food
05. The Beatles: Magical Mystery Tour
06. Charlie Parker: Ornithology
07. Third Ear Band: Alchemy
08. Huelgas Ensemble: Febus Avant
09. The Rolling Stones: Their Satanic Majesties Request
10. The Art Bears: Winter Songs

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Graham Coxons Lieblingsalben

01. Nick Drake: Five Leaves Left
02. Talk Talk: Spirit Of Eden
03. The Beatles: Rubber Soul
04. The Wipers: Over The Edge
05. Minutemen: What Makes A Man Start Fires?
06. Pavement: Slanted And Enchanted
07. Wire: Pink Flag
08. Ornette Coleman: Chappaqua Suite
09. Sonic Youth: Sister
10. The Dischords: Second To No One

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Calexicos Lieblingsalben

01. Rainer: Alpaca Lips
02. Duke Ellington: The Far East Suite
03. Minuteman: Double Nickles On The Dime
04. Miles Davis: Birth Of The Cool
05. Thelonious Monk: Underground
06. Vic Chesnutt: West Of Rome
07. Eric Dolphy: Out To Lunch
08. Art Blakey: Mosaic
09. Richard Buckner: Devotion And Doubt
10. Los Lobos: La Pistola Y El Corazon

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Norman Blakes (Teenage Fanclub) Top Ten Alben

01. The Beatles: Revolver
02. Gene Clark: No Other
03. The Beach Boys: Pet Sounds
04. Neil Young: Harvest
05. Big Star: Sister Lovers
06. The Velvet Underground: The Velvet Underground
07. Bob Dylan: Blonde On Blonde
08. The Rolling Stones: Exile On Main Street
09. Sonic Youth: Sister
10. The Modern Lovers: The Modern Lovers

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Joey Ramones All Time Favourites

01. The Beatles: With The Beatles
02. The Rolling Stones: Aftermath
03. New York Dolls: New York Dolls
04. Velvet Underground : Velvet Underground and Nico
05. Bob Dylan: Another Side of Bob Dylan
06. The Who: The Who Sell Out
07. Love: Forever Changes
08. Jan and Dean: Surf City
09. Blondie: Blondie
10. The Byrds: Fifth Dimension

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Robert Forsters (Go Betweens) Lieblingsalben

01. Bob Dylan: Bringing It All Back Home
02. Guy Clark: Old No. 1
03. The Smiths: The Queen Is Dead
04. John Phillips: The Wolfking Of L.A
. 05. The Monkees: Headquarters
06. Roberta Flack: First Take
07. Television: Marquee Moon
08. Miles Davis: In A Silent Way
09. Nick Cave: Your Funeral, My Trial
10. Neil Young:On The Beach

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All Time Favourites von Cerys Matthews (Catatonia)

01. Carole King: Tapestry
02. David Bowie: Hunky Dory
03. Donny Hathaway: Donny Hathaway
04. Glenn Campbell: Gentle On My Mind
05. Jimmy Cliff: The Harder They Come
06. Marvin Gaye: Satin Soul
07.Sex Pistols: Never Mind The Bollocks
08. The Faces: A Nod Is As Good As A Wink
09. Stevie Wonder: Innervisions
10. Bob Marley and the Wailers: Live!

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Die besten Alben 2001

01. Starsailor: Love Is Here
02. Radiohead: Amnesiac
03. Tenfold Loadstar: Dito
04. White Stripes: White Blood Cells
05. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: And No More Shall We Part
06. Steve Wynn: Here Come The Miracles
07. Elbow: Asleep In The Back
08. Lucinda Williams: Essence
09. Kante: Zweilicht
10. 22 Pistepirkko: Rally Of Love

11. Super Furry Animals: Rings Around The World
12. Kaito: Youīve Seen Us
13. Built To Spill: Ancient melodies Of The Future
14. Clearlake: Lido
15. Ladytron: 604
16. Turin Brakes: The Optimist
17. Goldfrapp: Felt Mountain
18. Blumfeld: Testament der Angst
19. Moldy Peaches: dito
20. Manic Street Preachers: Know Your Enemy

21. Arab Strap: The Red Thread
22. Simian: Chemistry Is What We Are
23. Superpunk: Wasser Marsch
24. Beta Band: Hot Shots II
25. Jim White: No Such Place
26. James Taylor Quartett: Message From The Godfather
27. Mary Gauthier: Drag Queens In Limousines
28. Travis: The Invisible Band
29. Wu Tang Clan: The W
30. Fugazi: The Argument

31. Spiritualized: Let It All Come Down
32. Nicolai Dunger: Soul Rush
33. Shea Seager: The May Street Project
34. The American Analog Set: Know By Heart
35. New Order: Get Ready
36. Lali Puna: Scary World Theory
37. Cake: Comfort Eagle
38. Luke Haines: The Oliver Twist Manifesto
39. The Strokes: Is This It
40. Miss Kittin And The Hacker: The First Album

41. The Zephyrs: When The Sky Comes Down It Comes Down To Your Head
42. Princess Superstar: Princess Superstar Is
43. Eels: Souljacker
44. Natalie Merchant: Motherland
45. Astrid: Play Dead
46. Sparklehorse: Itīs A Wonderful Life
47. Fink: Dito
48. Gorkyīs Zygotic Mynci: How I Long To Feel That Summer In My Heart
49. Air: 10.000 Hz Legend
50. Tahiti 80: Puzzle

51. Loretta: The Swimming Pool
52. The Angels Of Light: How I Loved You
53. Ani Di Franco: Revelling/Reckoning
54. Ash: Free All Angels
55. Devics: My Sinking Ship
56. Waxwings : Low To The Ground
57. Laurie Anderson : Life On A String
58. Weezer: Grünes Album
59. Kristin Hersh: Sunny Border Blue
60. Daft Punk: Discovery

61. The Action Time: Versus The World
62. Hefner: Dead Media
63. Heather Nova: South
64. Snowpatrol: When Itīs All Over We Still Have To Clean Up
65. Handsome Family: Twilight
66. Urbs & Cutex: Breaks Of Dawn
67. Silver Jews: Bright Flight
68. Nick Lowe: The Convincer
69. Stereo MCs: Deep Down And Dirty
70. Angelou: Sweet Dreams Tonight

71. Pearlfishers: Across The Milky Way
72. Alison Krauss + Union Station: New Favorite
73. Mercury Rev: All Is Dream
74. The Bevis Frond: Valedictory Songs
75. Stina Nordenstam: This Is Nina Nordenstam
76. Lowgold: Mercury
77. The Durutti Column: Rebellion
78. Motorpsycho: Roadwork Vol. 2: The MotorSourceMassacre
79. Stephen Malkmus: Stephen Malkmus
80. Stereolab: Sounddust

81. Vincent Gallo: When
82. Mark Lanegan: Field Songs
83. The Honeydogs: Hereīs Luck
84. Drugstore: Songs For The Jet Set
85. Thea Gilmore: Rules For Jokers
86. Cypress Hill: Stoned Raiders
87. Oneida: Anthem Of The Moon
88. Thalia Zedek: Been Here And Gone
89. Paul Weller: Days Of Speed
90. Ed Harcourt: Here Be Monsters

91. Kila: Lemonade & Buns
92. Ken Stringfellow: Touched
93. The Shins: Oh, Inverted World
94. Bran Van 3000: Discosis
95. Catatonia: Paper Scissors Stone
96. Mushroom: Foxy Music
97. The Perc: Jack Of All Trades
98. Ringswandl: Gache Wurzn
99. Mariza: Fado Em Mim
100. Amstrong: Hot Water Music

selection by vf

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Die besten Alben 2000

01. Coldplay: Parachute
02. Radiohead: Kid A
03. XTC: WASP Star
04. Queens Of The Stone Age: Rated R
05. Go Betweens: Friends Of Rachel Worth
06. The Magnetic Fields: 69 Love Songs
07. Babybird: Bugged
08. The 6ths: Hyacinths and Thistles
09. Animalhouse: Ready To Receive
10. Placebo: Black Market Music

11. Simian: Watch It Glow
12. Bright Eyes: Fevers And Mirrors
13. Blond Redhead: Melody Of Certain Damaged Lemons
14. Belle and Sebastian: Fold Your Hands Child You Walk Like A Peasant
15. PJ Harvey: Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea
16. Calexico: Hot Rail
17. Elliott Smith: Figure 8
18. Badly Drawn Boy: The Hour Of Bewilderbeast
19. Motorpsycho: Let Them Eat Cake
20. Neil Young: Silver and Gold

21. Richard Ashcroft: Alone With Everybody
22. Hefner: We Love The City
23. Jets To Brazil: Four Cornered Night
24. FatBoy Slim: Halfway Between The Gutter And The Stars
25. Built To Spill: Live
26. Dakota Suite: Signal Hill
27. Modest Mouse: The Moon And Antarctica
28. Unbelieveable Truth: Sorrythankyou
29. Björk: Selma Songs
30. Moloko: Things To Make And Do

31. J Mascis and The Fog: More Light
32. Yo La Tengo: And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out
33. Titan: Elevator
34. Torch: Blauer Samt
35. Western Electric: Western Electric
36. Boss Hog: Whiteout
37. Fastball: The Harsh Light Of Day
38. Smith And Mighty: Big World Small World
39. Eminem: The Marshall Mathers LP
40. Barbara Morgenstern: Fjorden

41. Lightning Seeds: Tilt
42. Jimi Tenor: Out Of Nowhere
43. Air: The Virgin Suicides
44. VA: Caroline Now. The Songs Of Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys
45. Shellac: 1000 Hurts
46. Patti Smith: Gung Ho
47. Sick Of It All: Yours Truly
48. Schönheitsfehler: Sexdrugsandhiphop
49. Deftones: White Pony
50. Midnight Choir: Unsung Heroine

51. The Sea and Cake: Oui
52. Ron Sexsmith: Whereabouts
53. Finley Quaye: Vanguard
54. Shivaree: I Oughta Give You A Shot...
55. Outkast: Stankonia
56. Fiona Apple: When The Pawn
57. No Means No: (No) One
58. At The Drive-In: Relationship Of Command
59. Leona Naess: Comatised
60. Teenage Fanclub: Howdy!

61. Graham Coxon: The Golden D
62. Sleater Kinney: The Hot Rock
63. Die Erben der Scherben: Keine Macht für Niemand
64. Ween: White Pepper
65. The Stereo: Three Hundred
66. Cure: Bloodflowers
67. Elevator Suite: Barefoot & Shitfaced
68. Larmousse: Larmousse
69. Violent Femmes: Freak Magnet
70. Gentle Waves: Swansong For You

71. The Walkabouts: Train Leaves At Eight
72. Lotte Ohm: 17 Grad
73. Elastica: The Menace
74. Luke: From Now On
75. Vienna Scientists III: A Mighty Good Feeling
76. Handsome Family: In The Air
77. Eels: Daisies Of The Galaxy
78. 16 Horsepower: Secret South
79. JJ72: JJ72
80. Paul Weller: Heliocentric

81. Nicole Willis: Soul Makeover
82. The Walkabouts: Train Leaves At Eight
83. Sportfreunde Stiller: So wie einst Real Madrid
84. Toploader: Onkaīs Big Moka
85. Embrace: Drawn From Memory
86. Guz: We Do Wie Du
87. Crash: Comfort Deluxe
88. Deichkind: Bitte Ziehen Sie Durch
89. Porcupine Tree: Lightbulb Sun
90. Morcheeba: Fragments Of Freedom

91. Idlewild: Hundred Broken Windows
92. Kīs Choice: Almost Happy
93. Keith Caputo: Died Laughing
94. Lou Reed: Ecstasy
95. Wilt: Bastinado
96. hno: the big tv revenge
97. Dejavue: Zwei Dumme, ein Gedanke
98. MC Rene: Ein Album namens Bernd
99. Smashing Pumpkins: Machina
100. Surrogat: Rock

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Die besten 10 Filme 2001

Die Besten:
01. Tiger And Dragon
02. The Virgin Suicides
03. Die innere Sicherheit
04. Die fabelhafte Welt der Amelie
05. Die Klavierspielerin
06. Summer of Sam
07. Rosettas Traum
08. Die Liebenden des Polarkreises
09. Lovely Rita
10. Roberto Succo

Der überschätzteste Film:
Das Zimmer meines Sohnes

Das beste Remake:
Planet der Affen

Die Enttäuschungen:
01. Hannibal
02. Black Box BRD
03. The Hole
04. Enigma
05. Lara Croft

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Die besten 10 Filme 2000

Die Besten:
01. American Beauty
02. Being John Malkovich
03. Insider
04. Lust auf Anderes
05. High Fidelity
06. Ghost Dog
07. Wonder Boys
08. Topsy-Turvy
09. Crazy
10. Dancer In The Dark

Einfach übel:
01. Der Sturm
02. Der Patriot
03. The Cell
04. M:I-2
05. Space Cowboys
06. Erin Brokovich
07. Schatten der Wahrheit
08. Gladiator
09. Nur noch 60 Sekunden
10. Shaft

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