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French progressive band ala Cressida/Gracious/East Of Eden. They released only two 7inches. Leader of the Band was organist Laurent Petitgerard, also known for some experimental music mixing jazz, pop and classic.

Toccata, the A-side from their first 45 is laid back hammond psych with a cool magical mood. The B-Side “Tin song” is more uptempo and built around a beautifull baroque riff. “Love Memories”, the A-Side of their second 45 is sort of very dark piano theme, with down tempo phasing drums. The B side “Injection” is instrumental only, an up tempo baroque Funk tune with very phat drum breaks.

Line Up:
Laurent Petitgerard - organ/cembalo
Patrice Quentin - sax
Christian Humbey - bass, vocals
Pierre Della Gresta – drums

Laurent Petitgerard is also known for a sideproject from 71 called Pop Instrumental de France, a SP with funky organ driven pop instrumentals, a very saught after pop gem.

Line Up:
Laurent Petitgerard (organ)
Michel Colombier ? (guitar)
Patrice Quentin (sax)
Patrice Mondon (drums)

More about Aleph (only russian language): artrock.rinet.ru


Aleph: Toccata/Tin Song     SP AZ SG 185 (1969)

Aleph: Love Memories/Injection     SP AZ ? (1970)

Pop Instrumental de France: Soho/Danse des squelettes    SP Vogue ? (1971)

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