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Born Alain Ceres in Paris in 1944 Al tried soon to get into the show-biz. With the savings from his career as a barman and DJ (DJ Circus !?) he opened a diskotheque in Ardèche (Department "Rhône-Alpes"). 1969 he recorded his first 45 on the small “President” label.

Despite the stupid title „Adieu! je te quitte bye, bye, bye (Adieu! I leave you, bye, bye, bye)“ this Freakbeat-Jerk is a real dancer in Polnareff voice way with Sitar-like guitars and a great Psych-Soul Orchestration by Jean Bouchety (KPM).

During the seventies Alain constantly changed his name (Alain Murat, David Allain, Allain, Allain Turban) and released several 7inches. The collaboration with Jean-Max Riviere in 1978 marks the turning point in his career. National Popularity and Success came with hits like “Quatrième Dimension” (the song was written 10 years before by his brother Christian Turban for the french singer Victoire Scott!!! – a real psych killer track reissued on the Ultra Chicks Vol. 6 Compilation) and Santa Monica

More about Al Turban on his official website (french language)


Al Turban: Adieu! Je te quitte bye bye bye/Deux soleils bleu     SP Président 412 (1969)

Alain Turban: Statue de chair/Vanessa     SP Sonopresse PH 45550 (1970)

Alain Ceres: Tant qu'il y aura des forêts/Chevaux aveugles     SP EMI 2C006-11889M (1972)

Alain Turban: Si/Saint-Martin sur chien     SP EPIC EPC 2788 (1974)

Alain Turban: L'amour petite/Système "D"     SP EPIC EPC 3291 (1975)

Alain Murat: Ma femme/Le Nain     SP Barclay 62206 (1976)

David Allain: Et Johnny chantait.../Visionneuse     SP Sonopresse GT 46.576 (1977)

Allain: 4ème dimension/Fallait pas me laisser     SP CARRERE 49387 (1978)

Allain: La marionnette/Je dors toujours tout seul    SP CARRERE 49448 (1978)

Victoire Scott : 4ème dimension/une fleur dans le cœur/Par dela le sang de la terre/L’amour en couleur     EP DECCA 461163 (1968)

this bio-/discography shows all the informations I could get and is likely incomplete. If someone has further informations on the topic please help me to complete this bio/list and contact me.

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