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Marcel Zanini

Marcel Zanini was born 1923 in France. In the early fifties Zanini (tenor-sax, …) played with Jean-Pierre Lindenmeyer, Léo Missir, Willy Molinetti, und Gilbert Gassin as a resident in the famous jazzclub “la chistera” in Marseille. In the fifties Marseille was a real mecca for french jazzfans. Hip clubs like „le Hot Club“, or „le Saint James“ and musicians like Georges Arvanitas, Robert Pettinelli, Louis Belloni, Henri Byrss, Alain Fougeret, Gaston Ménassé, Roger Luccioni and Zanini built the core of the legendary “Jazz Côte Sud”. From classic jazz to be bop and modern jazz, all stiles were included. Zanini belonged to the classical jazz spectre. During his season in New York from 1954 to 58 he was studying his idols like Charlie Parker, Billie Holiday, John Coltrane, Lester Young,...

A trip in the popular genre with the french cover of Carlos Imperial’s „Ne vem que nao tem/Tu veux, tu veux pas- (also famous cover by Brigitte Bardot)“ in 1970 proved to be his big break. With nearly 1 million sold records he entered in the hall of fame of french showbiz. Hitsingles like “Ras Le Bol“ followed.

After more than 30 fortyfives and a few albums in cooperation with artists like Milt Buckner, Sam Woodyard and his son Marc-Edouard Nabe, a famous french author, he still keeps on playing on stage.


Zanini et ses challengers: Dis moi oui ou non/Tu t'trompes toi- meme/Baby revient a la maison/Je ne t'ai pas trompée cherie     EP Score 14068 (196?)

Marcel Zanini & les swingers: Tu veux, tu veux pas/Ca balance terrible     SP Riviera 121 257 (1970)

Marcel Zanini & les swingers: Ras le bol/Wanna nene wanna nana (y'en a plus)     SP Riviera 121 310 (1970)

Marcel Zanini: Zanini     LP Riviera ? (1970)

Marcel Zanini: joue et chante Marcel Zanini     LP Free Bird Fly 16 (199?)

Marcel Zanini & Milt Buckner: Blues and Bounce     LP/CD Black and Blue BBU0000110 (1997)

Marcel Zanini & Sam Woodyard: Patchwork     CD Culture Press ? (1998)

Marcel Zanini: Peu de choses     CD Frémeaux & Associés FA456 (2003)

Marcel Zanini: Rive Gauche 1976-1985     CD Frémeaux & Associés FA5082 (2003)


VA: Brazilian Sounds From Paris (1969 - 1982) inc. Tu veux, tu veux pas?     LP/CD Pulp Flavour DD031 (200?)

VA: Tribute To Alain Delon And Jean-Pierre Melville inc.Ral le bol     CD Tricatel 3WM076042 (200?)

this bio-/discography shows all the informations I could get and is likely incomplete. If someone has further informations on the topic please help me to complete this bio/list and contact me.

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