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ALEC (R. Costandinos)

Born Alexandre Kouyoumdjiam in Cairo, Egypt, in 1944 to an Armenian father and a Greek mother, he moved 1966 to Paris after some time spent in Australia. He recorded from 1968 to 1970 a few 45s on the Barclay label under the name of “Alec”.

His early work includes 3 brilliant mod style uptempo blue eyed Soul tracks.
the best one in my opinion is “la compleinte de L’ouvrier (complaint of a worker)” with cool uptempo break drums on a fantastic baseline and furious brass/piano accompaniment. Some slight psyche effects at the beginning introduce the song. In a similar vein spins “Et pendant ce temps la (During this time)”, supported by a decent background organ. Both tracks are arranged by Jacques Denjean. Another Killer track is “Prete moi tes cles St. Pierre (Lend me your keys St Peter)”, a dynamic uptempo Soul groover with an explosive brass section and punchy vocals. Arrangement is made by Jean-Claude Petit.

In the early 1970's Alec produced pop albums for successful French artists like Claude Francois and Dalida on the Barclay label. It was his work with Cerrone that finally proved to be his big break. After co-writing Cerrone's "Love in C Minor" in 1977 the big success followed with his disco smash-hit "I've Found Love” from the “Love and Kisses” LP, containing only two tracks!. But that’s another story.

More about the famous Euro Disco Producer Alec R. Constandinos you’ll find on


Alec: Et pendant ce temps la/jaloux de la nuit/toi qui a vu le bout du monde/la complainte de l’ouvrier     EP Barclay 71.294 (1968)

Alec : Pendant ce temps la/toi qui a vu le bout du monde     SP Barclay 60.915(1968)

Alec: Un oiseau sur New York/Les mains d’un homme/Prete moi tes clés Saint-Pierre/Lisa     EP Barclay 71.354 (1969)

Alec: L'amour c'est noir/..?     4 track EP Barclay 71.392 (1970)

Alec: L'amour c'est noir/..?     SP Barclay 61.254 (1970)

Alec: Jean Sebastien/J'ai l'impression/Au bord de mes rèves/À chaque fois     EP Barclay 71.427 (1970)

Alec: Dans cent vingt semaines/l' etranger     SP Barclay 61413 (19?)

this discography shows all the informations I could get and is likely incomplete. If someone has further informations on the topic please help me to complete this bio/list and contact me.

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